Help Nianto who is suffering from cancer of the nasal cavity.

Initially there were complaints of headaches in the back and often tired quickly, because it was considered normal when they had not been examined by a doctor. After several seizures, he was checked by a doctor and was advised to do a laboratory check and do a CT scan, he was diagnosed with a clot in the brain and a doctor was given a referral to a hospital.
At the hospital Dr. Soetomo Suraya Indonesia has performed radiological and other procedures.

Currently, Sutrannianto works as an employee of Tailor/Taylor with economic limitations during his wife’s care who has always accompanied him as a housewife.

Payment Account Bank International

Direct Payment Account International

Mandiri Bank Account :

  1.  Mandiri Bank Code  BMRII DJA 1450014090837  on behalf of Gusmianto

lintas agama


  1. BANK SYARIAH INDONESIA (BSI) 3039613810 a/n Yayasan Sedulur Waridha kode bank 451
  2. Bank Mandiri (Lokal/Indonesia) 1450014090837 Atas nama Gusmianto
  3. Bank Mandiri (Code untuk International BMRII DJA) 1450014090837 Atas nama Gusmiant0
  4. BRI  14723 01 011417 53 1 a/n Gusmianto



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